Examples of work I have been a leader in:

Stealth: Founding Advisor to two start-ups who seek to disrupt the food and healthcare industries. Stay tuned as they launch in 2015. Advisor.

A platform to download, read and study textbooks and other course materials. Since being acquired by Follett, its name has changed to BryteWave. Continues to be one of the top two in marketshare. Co-founder.

A billing and customer service software company that served the electricity and natural gas regulated and deregulated markets. Co-founder.

A platform to leverage Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to identify and scale innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world. I conceived this Millennium Alliance along with USAID India, FICCI, the Technology Development Board and some of the most important innovators/entrepreneurs in India. Conceiver and Deal-Maker.

The Arts: They are an essential part of creativity for an individual and for a community. Honored to be part of the producing syndicate of Amanda Lipitz, who has brought 2 award winning shows to Broadway, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Legally Blond: The Musical. Privileged to back Jacqui Naylor who the Jazz Times calls "one of the most superbly arresting vocalists around."  Investor.

Now the crowd can invest in entrepreneurs and small businesses. We are growing this new way for innovators to garner equity capital for their ventures. Board of Directors. 

Global Entrepreneurship: Included the launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Program and many public-private partnerships including Echoing Green Fellows and a debt guarantee credit facility for Acumen Fund investments. USAID Executive in Charge.