INNOVATION is powerful. It’s a game changer. It's also a fashionable word that is getting too freely used nowadays. People call something innovative if it's new or novel - however, that's an invention. Others label things innovative if it does something slightly better - that's an improvement. Innovation is about outrageous results. People just have to have it. 

Innovation is that thing that produces better, faster, cheaper and more broadly used results. Most of all -- it's about mass adoption. Have tons of people or governments or businesses started using it? Because if not, it is just a new idea among the thousands on the invention pile that got a lot right, but in the end, had some fatal flaw. And sometimes the flaw is due to the fact that the right people didn’t know it existed or it was released too early. However, there is wisdom in the crowds and an idea becomes a true innovation when others start adopting, copying or iterating it. It is only when others start saying YES that it really matters.

Examples of innovation I have helped pioneer across a range of industries:

What innovation are you proud of and how did you pull it off?

Share your story. Before I ever write or talk about it I will ask your permission. 

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