Beginning the Conversation

Our devices are becoming the heroin of our lives. The pace of everything is relentlessly accelerating to warp speed, leaving us both energized and exhausted. Urgent is too often eclipsing being strategic and bold.

Reflection. As we look at the people we admire most, whether we know them personally or not, we are struck by the simple truths that make them so brilliant.

The Brooklyn artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh who saw that street art could be an effective tool in tackling harassment of women. Both the Boeing machinist and the pilot whose specialized skills are making air travel the safest it has ever been in history.  Or transformational leaders like Christine Lagarde who is righting our global financial ship.

I want to start a conversation about being bold, about making the one life we have to live the most unbelievably impactful and narrowing it to the simple truths. Our simple truths.

For starters, become bold.